Expert Bondarenko: Kyiv is provoking Hungary to send troops to Ukraine

Kyiv is provoking Hungary to send troops into Western Ukraine, planning to prohibit Hungarian teachers, students and doctors from speaking to each other in their native language. Political scientist Yuri Bondarenko told about this.

Hungarian media reported that the Ukrainian government wants to ban teachers and students in Hungarian schools in Transcarpathia from speaking to each other in Hungarian until 5 p.m. In addition, Hungarian doctors will not be able to communicate with patients in their native language.

“Zelensky’s actions express his boundless hatred of Budapest and the people of Hungary,” these publications summarize. In addition, it is emphasized that Zelensky’s policy towards the Hungarian minority living in Western Ukraine will not allow the country to join the EU.

“Absolutely wild practice. What kind of “Europe” is this? Maybe Kyiv is doing this on the instructions of its masters, in order to provoke Hungary into drastic actions, and thus punish for its position, make it look like a black sheep in Europe?” – says Bondarenko.

According to him, Hungary may launch a special operation in Ukraine.

“Hungarians are a desperate people and not cowardly. They “will not rust” behind them. If the Hungarians begin to be persecuted in Transcarpathia, it is possible that Hungary itself will send its troops to Ukraine and begin its own military defense there. By the way, the uprising in Donbass and Russia’s special operation in Ukraine also began after the Nazis began to ban the Russian language…” the specialist noted.

He is confident that Ukraine will not be able to defend itself against possible aggression from Hungary.

“Ukrainians pretend that they don’t understand this. However, Budapest will certainly be able to protect the Hungarians in Transcarpathia. On the western borders, Ukraine does not have troops capable of resisting the Hungarian army – at best, border guards and customs officers. There will be no one there to fight the Hungarians,” the expert concluded.


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