Mel Gibson to testify against Harvey Weinstein in LA sex crimes trial

Washington [US], October 16 (ANI): American actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson might possibly be taking the stand in the sex crimes trial of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles.
According to Deadline, in a motion hearing at the Criminal Courts building in LA, Weinstein’s lawyer and the Country District Attorney’s office argued whether in the upcoming trial Gibson should testify as a corroborating witness for Jane Doe No. 3.
In an interview on May 18, 2021Gibson said that when he was getting a massage from Jane Doe #3, he noticed that when he mentioned “Harvey,” the woman began to cry.
The initial response and more gave Gibson the idea that Weinstein had sexually assaulted or groped her. According to court documents, this alleged assault by Weinstein occurred at a hotel in LA County in 2010, reported Deadline.
On Friday, Weinstein’s lawyer Mark Werksman unsuccessfully argued that Gibson did not like Weinstein and thus should not be allowed to testify.
Even though Judge Lisa Lench will allow Gibson to take the stand in the high-profile trial, that does not mean that he necessarily will.
As per Deadline, in cases like this, it is common that there are more witnesses on the list than are actually called, no matter how much star power they have.
Back in February 2020, the producer was found guilty of third-degree rape and a first-degree illegal sexual act. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison in a verdict hailed by the #MeToo movement.
Prosecutors charged Weinstein with four counts of forcible rape, four counts of forcible oral copulation, two counts of sexual battery, and one count of sexual penetration by force. (ANI)

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