Thus the ratings of Telemundo soap operas vs those of TelevisaUnivision

In general terms, TelevisaUnivision’s Primetime continues to be superior in rating compared to Telemundo’s, taking into account the numbers obtained by each of soap operas exhibited at this time. However, it is also true that in this competition for tunes, “Vuelve a Mí” and “Secretos de Sangre” are managing to grow in the interest and taste of viewers.

Recapitulating, it is important to remember that when these two productions landed on Telemundo’s programming they were facing two Mexican soap operas that were already deeply rooted in the taste of the United States public, We talk about the soap operas “Eternamente AmNOS” and “Tierra de Esperanza”.

However, these two stories have already reached their end, achieving a formidable rating for Univision, but it is also true that with their endings they left in their wake the opportunity for the public to also open up to the stories starring William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas, as well as for the Turkish production that features stellar performances by Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu. This has allowed “Vuelve a Mí”, for example, to obtain one million viewers connected watching last Wednesday’s episode and in the case of “Secretos de Sangre” to exceed 900 thousand viewers, according to the numbers presented by “Nielsen Overnight Ratings”.

Ultimately all this is good news for Telemundo, because both products, I repeat, are growing in the appreciation of the public that watches them. Now it will be the story and the performances that must maintain the viewers’ attachment, especially because both stories are good and provide interesting messages that expose social aspects that must be visualized, such as human trafficking, wage injustices and abuse. of power.

Exathlon with Frederik Oldenburg is a success

The assertion that the new Exatlón USA season is a success is not said lightly. The program has maintained its ratings and has sometimes tied with very strong TelevisaUnivision productions such as “La Rosa” and “Vencer la Culpa.” The first is a series that from its first appearance on Mexican television took over the ratings and the same thing happens with its broadcast in the United States.

Then we have the “Vencer” saga by producer Rosy Ocampo. All of these dramatic stories are projects with which viewers have managed to connect, because the television station has allowed itself to create different narratives, giving itself over to dramatic content, for many in response to the success that Turkish soap operas, under this genre, have had worldwide. especially the Hispanic market.

Having said all of the above, it is of course worth highlighting the work that Telemundo has managed to do with Exatlón hosted by Frederik Oldenburg, a high-performance competition program that brings together all the families that can feel represented by each of the competitors that They enlist in this reality show where we find people from Mexico, the United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, among others.

But “Minas de Pasión” is not far behind

It is true that the soap opera starring Carolina Miranda and Andrés Palacios was the one that received the highest Univision ratings in this last quarter, reaching impressive numbers daily, exceeding one and a half million viewers in its grand finale. But it is also true that just as “Land of Hope” remained in the hearts of the public, it is also worth saying that the story starring Livia Brito has been very popular.

“Minas de Pasión” has very good numbers, 1.4 million viewers are the ratings it obtains almost daily, as does the Turkish story “Mujer” in its second season. But the struggle is there, so is the content, and in the end the public decides what they like more and what they like less.

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