Telemundo confirms the departure of Héctor Sandarti as host of La Casa de los Famosos: the details

Today, Telemundo announced Nacho Lozano as the new host of La Casa de los Famosos for the year 2024 along with Jimena Gállego. It was through a press release that the Hispanic network confirmed this information, However, he did not give any clarification about Héctor Sandarti, who has been the face and driver of the project since day one.

We contacted Telemundo to find out the official response of the Hispanic network and this is what they responded to us:

“Héctor Sandarti, one of the most charismatic and beloved personalities on Hispanic TV, will not be co-hosting the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos on Telemundo.”. They also added: “We are very grateful for his work, dedication and professionalism in the three successful seasons that he led alongside Jimena Gállego. We hope to collaborate with him again in the future on other projects.”

Nacho Lozano will be the new host of Telemundo's La Casa de los Famosos alongside Jimena Gállego.
Nacho Lozano will be the new host of Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos alongside Jimena Gállego. / Courtesy of Telemundo
Credit: Courtesy | Telemundo

Jimena Gállego will continue to be part of the project

This change of driver did not directly affect Jimena Gállego. The journalist and singer will continue hosting the reality show but this time she will do so alongside Nacho Lozano, award-winning presenter and journalist.

Lozano’s confirmation marks the return of this journalist to Telemundo, Marking his return to Telemundo. “We are pleased to welcome Nacho to host this successful format alongside Jimena, and we are confident that this new duo will bring even more dynamism and spark to the audience each night,” said Ronald Day, President of Entertainment and Content Strategy from Telemundo.

What did Sandarti say?

Héctor Sandarti, for now, has not given any statement about the change announced by Telemundo. The Guatemalan driver has remained relatively active on social networks, however he has done so to continue remembering his mother, who died on September 8 of this year.

At the time the driver wrote this on his IG account: “My mother was four days away from turning 90, which is why my sisters and I decided to get together in Guatemala to celebrate her life. And yes, it seems that was what she was waiting for to leave calmly and in peace. The circumstances changed, but the reason is the same. Today we celebrate the life of an exceptional woman, who left her mark on the hearts of all who knew her. Enjoy your return home my beautiful old lady. The sadness of no longer having you with us is only relieved by the peace of God that we have in our hearts today. I love you mom, rest in peace.”

After those four days he returned to the networks to post this:

Obviously he hasn’t said anything about La Casa de los Famosos. Maybe in a few hours in a matter of days the Guatemalan will break the silence and share what happened and why this unexpected change is due.

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