Nadia Ferreira shows off a very elegant photo session of her pregnancy with Marc Anthony

The Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira is currently in one of the most beautiful stages of women, Well, recently the baby that she carried in her womb for 9 months came into the world and she is enjoying it to the fullest.

The wife of Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony now boasts a photo session on her Instagram profile that she claims she took ‘from the trunk of memories’, Well, she is shown during her pregnancy with an elegant and long black dress that reveals the tummy area due to a delicate transparency.

Ferreira writes a tender message for her baby and for the man she married a few months ago. “From the trunk of memories 🤍 A few months ago with the person who was going to change my world forever 👶🏻 and my adored husband. What special memories,” says the Paraguayan in this publication that has more than 137,000 likes on Instagram.

The star on the Walk of Fame

Marc Anthony recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honor his legacy in the art world. Next to him was Nadia Ferreira, who looked sensational in an elegant blue dress.

On this occasion, the Puerto Rican’s wife also dedicated a tender message to her “adored husband.”

“Congratulations my love… You deserve it 👏🏻 Living legend!!! I love you”says Nadia Ferreira to her beloved husband on Instagram, sharing photos of the day.

Likewise, the singer was also accompanied by his children, fruit of the love he had with Dayanara Torres, Ryan Adrián Muñiz and Cristian Muñiz, while David Beckham had a special participation in the special tribute for the famous salsa singer.

The baby, although we did not see him in the photos of the moment, did travel with his parents, since moments before Nadia Ferreira presumed that they were on board a private plane, becoming the little one’s first air trip.

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