Dayanara Torres announced that her love relationship with television producer Marcelo Gama ended

Puerto Rican Dayanara Torres had a romantic relationship with television producer Marcelo Gama for two and a half years. In the month of July she offered an exclusive interview about her love life, where she talked about how they treated her back then. However, A source confirmed to People en Español that the couple has been separated since that same month.

Miss Universe 1993 took advantage of the fact that she has more than a million followers on the camera’s social network, thus announcing that she is returning to singlehood, highlighting that Both will continue working on various projects, while continuing to express respect for the person you were recently with.

Marcelo and I have decided to end our two and a half year relationship. At this stage of my life I see relationships in a different way, if they are not for each other they are always for teaching… I will always be grateful for the beautiful moments we lived, the lessons learned and for believing so much in me and even though we are no longer together, the respect and admiration They will always be present. We will continue working on important projects and it will always have a special place in my heart. I take what I learned“, he wrote in his stories.

Dayanara Torres spoke in July about what their relationship was like

“I think he is a person who gives me so much peace, that is one of the things that fascinates me most about him. He is very calm, he is extremely calm. Chaos could happen, there could be a hurricane behind him, the stage could be falling and he is the calmest person and he gives me peace,” the professional model responded to Astrid Rivera.

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Torres added that after so much time he showed that he could believe in love again: “I am proof of that. I think maybe that’s why it took me so long. “I was alone for almost 18 years.”

“I don’t know if I would get married or not. I do not think like that. Right now what I want is to enjoy this wonderful stage that I think is a gift, it is a blessing that God had saved it for me until the end. “I am happy… It was time and I deserved it,” he added.

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