China's envoy to UK strongly condemns Pelosi's Taiwan visit

Beijing [China], August 3 (ANI): China’s envoy to the United Kingdom, Zheng Zeguang on Wednesday strongly condemned US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan region, stating that “those who play with fire will get burnt”.

Addressing a press conference in London on Tuesday, Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, said Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “seriously violated the one-China principle and the provisions of the three China-US joint communiques.””It seriously infringes upon China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and seriously undermines the peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. We firmly oppose such a highly irresponsible, provocative and dangerous act,” Zheng said as quoted by China Daily.

Meanwhile, ahead of Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations Zhang Jun on Monday termed the trip as “provocative”.

“Such a visit is apparently very much dangerous and very much provocative… If US insist on making the visit, China will take firm and strong measures to safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Zhang told journalists.

“The one-China principle is a red line in China’s relations with other countries, and we allow no one to cross this red line,” Zhang said as quoted by CGTN News.

Noting that Taiwan is part of China’s territory, Zhang said that China opposed any such move towards “Taiwan independence”and also any interference by the external forces.

He pointed out that recently China has repeatedly made clear to the US its serious concerns over Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan as well as its firm opposition to it, adding such a trip would send a seriously wrong signal to the secessionist elements seeking “Taiwan independence.”Ambassador Zhang added such an act would undermine the one-China principle, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits, and the relationship between China and the US.

The US House Speaker touched down in Taiwan on Tuesday night amid repeated condemnation by China, which claims self-ruled Taiwan as its territory.

Shortly after Pelosi landed, 21 Chinese military aircraft flew into the southwestern part of Taiwan’s air defence identification zone (ADIZ), as confirmed by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Pelosi also expressed US solidarity with 23 million people of Taiwan in the face of the increasing threat from China.

Meanwhile, China halted trade with Taiwan and said it is suspending imports of citrus fruits and fish products from Taipei.

Taking to Twitter, Li Bijian, China’s Consul General in Karachi said, “Chinese mainland suspends imports of citrus fruits, chilled white hairtail and frozen horse mackerel from Taiwan region from Wednesday: General Administration of Customs.”China’s General Administration of Customs said in a statement that they will suspend two types of fish products from the Taiwan region starting Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

The entry of citrus fruits, including grapefruits, lemons, and oranges, as well as chilled large head hairtail and frozen horse mackerel from Taiwan, will be suspended in accordance with the mainland’s relevant regulations, the GAC said in an online statement Wednesday. (ANI)

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