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US to send Ukraine US$5.5 billion in new fiscal, military aid

The United States will send an additional US$5.5 billion (S$7.58 billion) in aid to Ukraine, made up of US$4.5 billion in budgetary support and US$1 billion in military assistance, to help it come to grips with the turmoil of this year’s Russian invasion.

The US$4.5 billion budgetary grant will fund urgent government needs including payments for pensions, social welfare and healthcare costs, bringing total US fiscal aid for Ukraine to US$8.5 billion since Russia’s February invasion, the US Agency for International Development said.

The funding, coordinated with the US Treasury Department through the World Bank, will go to the Ukraine government in tranches, beginning with a US$3 billion disbursement in August, USAID said.

It follows previous transfers of US$1.7 billion in July and US$1.3 billion in June, USAID said.


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