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7 Extreme Activities That Make Rollercoasters Kindergartener’s Ride Compared

Are you ready to take the risk? /Photo:

Roller coaster has long been no surprise. Extreme lovers around the world arrange really cool entertainment, from which the hair stands on end and the breath catches. Only a few out of a thousand people would agree to this. If you are ready to tickle your nerves, you should definitely check out these 7 rides.


1 Scary bridges in China

Some have to literally be dragged onto the bridge for a "fun" walk.  /Photo:
Some have to literally be dragged onto the bridge for a “fun” walk. /Photo:

In China, they come up with not only various useful things. There you can find impressively extreme structures. For example, fans of extreme sports can walk along a bridge made of glass. A special “trick” of this already rather scary place 300 meters long is a visual illusion, as if the glass is cracking underfoot. Even knowing about a possible surprise, the most persistent daredevils will lose their heads from surprise.


The bridge is not for the faint of heart. /Photo:

However, in China, you can tickle your nerves not only on the glass bridge. The competition is provided by a bridge without railings. It consists of beams located at different distances from each other. Sometimes you even have to jump to get to the next support. The gap between the wooden beams ranges from 50 to 120 cm. From the insurance – one rope attached to the body. And if you add fog here, then goosebumps are provided. One wrong move – and you are already flying into the abyss, well, or your shoes, which tourists lose no less often.

2.Volcano Boarding

Ride with the wind!  /Photo:
Ride with the wind! /Photo:

Incredibly dangerous and scary descent down an active volcano. Ordinary surfing is no match for such entertainment. Such a descent can be made in just a few corners of the planet. For example, in Nicaragua, from the top of the Cerro Negro volcano. The height of this amazing area reaches 728 meters, so you definitely won’t be bored. The active volcano has erupted 23 times in 150 years. Under a solid loose embankment, the warmth of the hot lava flowing inside is always felt. However, this does not stop real extreme people, but only encourages them. They take wooden or metal boards and go down. For support, use a rope attached to the front of the board. The slope of the volcano is approximately 45 degrees. When descending, a person reaches a speed of about 86 km / h.


3. Sling Shot

Almost like launching into space.  /Photo:
Almost like launching into space. /Photo:

Such wonderful entertainment can be found in the Luna Park in Cyprus. The height of the attraction is 35 meters. In just a few seconds, the daredevils take off to the level of a fifteen-story building, and then fall down at no less speed. In order for visitors to fully enjoy the unrealistically cool sensations, the cabin of the slingshot takes off several times. At the peak of the attraction, a breathtaking view of the city opens up, but extreme sportsmen hardly have time to appreciate it. For a long time to leave in the memory of an extraordinary flight helps video shooting, which can be ordered before the start of entertainment.

4 Rocket Man

Almost like Superman, the feeling is clearly not worse.  /Photo:
Almost like Superman, the feeling is clearly not worse. /Photo:

In Wales, Great Britain, thrill-seekers arrange a breathtaking flight over the abyss. Zipworld Velocity entertainment is not for the faint of heart. You will have to fly forward with your head with your hands tightly pressed to your body. Below, beautiful landscapes rush by: mountains, sparkling water, roads with small cars, and birds fly nearby. The flight speed can reach 161 km/h. Despite the fact that the distance of the attraction is over one and a half kilometers, it takes only a minute to fly it.

5. Terror-Dactyl

Wonderful view, great speed and pants full of unforgettable impressions.  /Photo:
Wonderful view, great speed and pants full of unforgettable impressions. /Photo:

At Vince’s Cave in Mountain Park, Colorado, you can get hair-raising extreme entertainment. Terror-Dactyl is an indescribable feeling of free flight right into the abyss. The fun begins at the edge of a tall cliff. The free flight into the canyon lasts approximately 61 meters – you will be able to fully enjoy the mesmerizing sensations. The developed speed reaches 160 km / h. For the flight, two participants are fixed in an open cabin in a sitting position. The organizers hope that in this way they will definitely not lose their heads from impressions. The beauties flying below are worthy of the highest praise, but in order to appreciate them you will have to not lose consciousness with fear.


6. Flying in zero gravity

Who wouldn't want to try this?  /Photo:
Who wouldn’t want to try this? /Photo:

Many of us dream of flying not only in our fantasies, but also in reality. Magic pollen has not yet been invented, and only movie and comic book characters have super powers. However, you should not be upset. There is an attraction that will allow you to feel in a state of real space weightlessness without flying to the moon. Only the laws of physics and no magic. The entertainment can be experienced on board a specially designed aircraft. In flight, he makes a special turn, due to which in the cabin for a few moments all objects lose their weight, and people can test the sensations of astronauts for themselves.

7. Huashan Cliffside Path

Huge height, constant tension, indescribable extreme.  /Photo:
Huge height, constant tension, indescribable extreme. /Photo:

This difficult track in the Huashan Mountains will definitely give a portion of thrills even to avid thrill-seekers. People from all over the world come to this place who want to prove to themselves and everyone around them that they are not afraid of anything. Do you want to get rid of your fear of heights? Dare to try to go down the terrifying stairs down from a bird’s eye view. The road goes not only down, in some sections you have to move sideways along a sheer cliff. You can put your foot in a small recess in the mountain. No railings and fences, from insurance – only chains, wooden or stone steps, metal pins and self-confidence.

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